King Abelard VIII

Born November 3, RL 1614, Braetona, Amonon.

Old king of the Realm of Amonon. King Abelard VIII traveled in his youth (17 years old) in RL 1631 to the island of Ig’N’Gatha as an explorer. This was an expedition paid for and sent by his father, Abelard Guisarme.

In Ig’N’Gatha, which they called Norland (meaning New Land), Abelard VIII began creating plantations to farm the local crops and enslaved many of the natives. He fell in love with one of these, a woman named Eualia, who then gave birth to his son. This birth took place on the Cursed Day.

This son was a horrific monster, writhing with tentacles, black, covered with a slimy afterbirth.

Abelard fled the island, ordering a few of his troops to kill Eualia and the boy. Eualia instead sacrificed herself, running to a river and entrusting the child into the hands of a native tribe, which at this time was rebeling against the Amonoreans.

Abelard VIII came back to Amonon, badly scarred by the traumatic experience, but determined to be a good man and repent for his sins. No one save a few sailors knew about the incident, and most of these have since been killed by assassins. One of these men still exists, and is a Order of Silence at their monastery in the Great Wall.

Abelard VIII ruled a just kingdom from RL 1641 until the present (RL 1671).

King Abelard VIII

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